Viewing Room Overview

Once you’ve entered a viewing room, you should see a simple interface that can be broken down into three primary sections.

Video Area

This video experience has several components. The video in this guide is the Vimeo video player.

If a viewing room is made using a third-party host without their own video player (Dropbox, Box, S3, etc.), then an HTML5 player is used. If a YouTube or Vimeo player is used, the viewing room will use their players instead.

Comment Section

The comment section is where a user can provide their feedback. There are several ways a commen can be left on a video.

  • Draw Tool - Leave a drawing on top of the video to give more context to comments
  • Voice Comment - Record a voice comment via your microphone.
  • Quick Comment - A pre-recorded comment that can be set to a hotkey. Clicking or pressing the hotkey automatically posts that comment. This is a quick way of providing quick feedback without having to pause the video and type.

    Each custom button also has a hotkey (Ctrl + 1-9, ordered from top to bottom), so that you do not need to move your mouse every time you need to press a custom button.

    Clicking the button will show you all of the text and hotkeys at once.
  • Text Comment - Provide feedback as you type. Once you start typing, the video automatically pauses, and when the user presses Enter (or clicks the button) to submit the comment, the video automatically resumes.

Playback Controls

Every viewing room has standard buttons to play your video. However, the skip buttons will skip between comments made on the video. There is also the ability to loopback a video so that once the video ends, it will play again from the beginning.

If the HTML5 Player appears, then we have provided the ability for users to adjust the speed as well as rewind a video.

This feature is only available with our HTML5 video player, so it will not be present if the viewing room is created with a YouTube or Vimeo link.


  • Project Title & Video Title - Video title and project title are shown, so that users know exactly what they are watching.
  • Information - Provides information about the viewing room owner, description, and source link of the video.

  • Settings - Contains options that can be toggled on or off specific to that individual viewing room experience.

  • Export - Allows the user to export comments from the viewing room to various Non-linear editing systems, a PDF, or CSV File.

  • Status - Tells if a user accepts, rejects, or believes changes are needed for a video. This is best used when you wish to a leave a general point about the video.

    The status will appear next to a user in the Users section of the viewing room.

  • Users - Displays all users in the current viewing room as well as the number of comments made by a user.

    • Sync – This will allow multiple users to watch the same video together with one person driving or controlling the video playback and everyone else watching the driver.
    • Filter by User – this will filter out so that only the comments of that user will appear. To filter users in the comment panel, simply open up the filter options by clicking “Filter” and then check/uncheck the users to show/hide their respective comments.

Comment Panel

This panel contains all of the comments made by users. You can see who made a comment, what specific moment of the video it applies to, what the comment specifically is, and whether any action has been taken in response.

  • Checkbox - Select comments to export from viewing room
  • Character Counter - Counts the number of characters in your comment.
  • Timestamp - Indicates at what video time the comment was made. Clicking on the timestamp in the comment pane will load the video at that timestamp so that you can see exactly what the comment was referring to
  • Star - Identifies particular comments as starred tick marks on the video timeline.
  • User - if you made the comment, then the user will be “You.” Otherwise, it will provide the email or name of the user that made the comment
  • Task Manager - Act on a comment by assigning it as a task for someone to follow up on. When an assignment is made, the person responsible for completing the task can change the status to read “Start”, “Restart”, or “Finish” depending on what progress has been made
  • Reply Box - Reply to a comment made in a video. All replies are threaded under the original comment.
  • Type of Comment - Icon that identifies the comment as a voice note, text, or drawing.
  • Support - Remark’s chat button. Clicking on this will enable dialog box for you to chat with Remark support. This feature is only available to users who login to their Remark account.
  • Drop Down Menu - A dropdown menu that gives the user 4 possible options.

    • Go to frame - Go to the particular frame that the comment was made.
    • Edit - this option only appears if you are the user that originally posted the comment. This allows you to edit the comment
    • Delete - this option only appears if you are the user that originally posted the comment. This deletes the comment
    • Reply - this option appears for all users. This allows you to reply to a user’s comment and start a conversation


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