Project Dashboard Overview

The project dashboard is your central hub for managing all your projects, notifications, and account settings. It can be broken down into three parts.

Understanding a couple of key areas of the Dashboard will help you stay current with everything happening in your account.

Menu Bar

The menu bar is contains three areas: Help, Notifications, and Profile Menu.

  • Help
    Link to Remark’s Knowledge base that provides help and information on features in Remark
  • Notifications
    The notification drop down menu will appear, when you click on the bell icon. This allows you to quickly see what recent activity has taken place across all of your projects and viewing rooms.

    For any new notifications, you will see a red with number of new notifications.You can manage your notification settings in the User Settings section.

  • User Settings Menu
    This allows you to perform basic administrative actions, such as accessing your user settings (we will also cover this later), changing your plan, or logging out.

Project Panel

On the left side of the dashboard is the project panel that displays all of the projects you have access to as well as provides you the ability to create a new project or search amongst all of your projects.


There are two distinct sections to this list:

  • Project
    These are your current active projects that you have either created or have been shared with.
  • Archived
    These projects are no longer active. Any individuals you have shared these projects with can no longer perform any actions on these projects or access the viewing rooms to provide feedback.

Project-Level View

From here, you can manage all aspects of the project, such as sharing the project with other users, managing project deadlines, and modifying project-level settings for users (which we will go over later).

  • Project-Level View Menu
    This section of the project dashboard provides the user the ability to do activities that affect the entire project and obtains details about the project. The menu is broken down into 5 buttons.
    • Add - Add videos to your project
    • Users - Add collaborators/users to your project
    • Settings - Manage the settings for the entire project, which includes all of the viewing rooms in the project. These settings are automatically added to all the viewing rooms.
    • Info - General information about the project such as activity taken place within the project, # of videos, # of users/collaborators, # of comments/Remarks, and # of folders.
    • Discussion - A discussion board for you and fellow users/collaborators to leave comments about the general project.


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