Box (Manually add a video)

You can manually add an individual video file within Box to Remark by following these simple instructions:

  1. Hit the triple dot dropdown corresponding to your video file and hover to Share Link. 
  2. Don't copy the default share link as that one won't work in Remark. Hit the gear icon at the top right of the box that shows Advanced Settings.
  3. At the bottom of the new window, you'll see the Direct Link displayed. Copy this one (leave the ability for viewers to download checked)
  4. Come back to Remark and within the project or folder you want to add the video, click the +Add button; paste the direct link; and hit Add.
  5. Direct linked videos don't have titles shared with Remark so please select the new viewing room that gets created and change the title/name to whatever you want it to be. 
  6. Now you can share the viewing room link with your Box video.
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