Final Cut Pro 7 / X

Making it easy to collect notes from clients and stakeholders is awesome, but the bane of assistants and editors existence, is manually entering locator markers into the editing suites.

1. Navigate to the project that has your viewing room and click the Review button

2. Select all or some of the notes that you want to export

3. Click the Export button at the top right

4. Choose Final Cut Pro 7 or X and enter a framerate


5. Open Final Cut Pro 7 - Load up your project. 


6. Click File - Import - XML - Navigate to the XML you just downloaded. Select it. 


5. Open Final Cut Pro X - Click File - Import - XML 


6. Drag the XML sequence with the missing File into the Timeline - Then drag the video timeline of the source material and overlap it with the XML timeline. Click Replace from Start. 

7. You will find the sequence will now have markers overlayed. 

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