Frame Accurate Synced Viewing

It's extremely hard to review videos with clients and stakeholders when you're not in the same room with each other because you can never be sure they are seeing exactly what you are seeing.

With Remark's Sync feature, we make it extremely easy and seamless to see exactly what your client or stakeholders are seeing in their viewing rooms in real time.

To activate Sync:
1. Share your viewing room link with someone and make sure you are in the room at the same time as they are

2. At the top right, you'll see colored circles with a letter. Click on the circle that corresponds to the person you want to Sync to.

3. Click the Sync option - Your video will Sync to the exact frame as who you've selected and whatever they do (pause, seek, play), your video will automatically do as well.

*Frame accuracy is down to +/- 3 frames depending on which video source you are streaming from. YouTube and Vimeo aren't as accurate as all of the other video storage providers due to their dynamic transcoding and players.

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