*Available on Pro accounts and above*

We fully understand the want to customize your client's experience and to make sure they aren't confused when they are redirected to yet another service like Remark.

When you want to embed a viewing room on a page on your own website:
1. Navigate to the project that contains your viewing room
2. Click the button corresponding to the viewing room you want to embed

3. After Clicking the button to select the Viewing Room Click Settings

4. Copy the Embed code enclosed with <iframe/>

5. Paste the embed code into the html <body> section of your website page

If you aren't the "techy" person usually responsible for managing your website, send the embed code to them and ask them to put it on a test page for you to load in your browser.

If you or your tech person needs any help, don't hesitate to contact us at team@remarkhq.com or call us at +1 (844) REMARK-HQ

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