Adding, Replying and Removing Comments

The power of collaboration comes from the fact that people can share ideas and make a better and improved product. 

With Remark you can leave comments on videos to help improve the product. 


1. To leave a comment - simply start typing when you see an issue arise, these comments will then appear on the right column. 


2. If you want to edit a comment because of a typo or you thought about what you wanted to say and needed to reword it. Click on the 3 dots to the right comment box. It'll bring up a menu which will allow you to edit your comment or delete it. 


3. Lastly you may want to talk to the person making comments either to get additional clarification or discuss an idea. We allow this with threaded comment reply's. Click on the comment and a new comment box will pop up for you to leave additional words. 




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