Guest (Detailed)

This article will elucidate a detailed list of features and capabilities a Guest-level collaborator has.

All Guests entering a Viewing Room can:
1. Play the video
2. Control the video with the playback controls
3. Add a text Remark that automatically pauses when typing begins and is timestamped
4. Add audio Remarks that are timestamped
5. Add drawn Remarks that are timestamped
6. Create and use Quick Comments
7. See existing Remarks made by other collaborators and reply to them
8. Edit/Delete Remarks that are made in that viewing session. Once the viewing session is closed or ended, the guests comments are permanent.
9. Sync to a Pro collaborator in a live viewing session

Guests who create a free account have access to:

An account dashboard where they can:
1. See a list of projects they are participating in
2. See the folders and viewing rooms within the projects they are guests of
3. Participate in project-level discussions
4. Mention other project collaborators in conversations as well as be mentioned
5. See and manage all notifications
6. Create a username and profile
7. See activity history

Additional features within a Viewing Room such as:
1. Participating in Private viewing rooms
2. Rate a viewing room with a Yes, No, or Maybe
3. Edit/Delete all Remarks made by themselves, regardless of viewing session
4. Mention and be mentioned in Remark discussions
5. Go to previous or next viewing rooms

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