You will have access to Viewing Room settings which will change how you interact with the video you are giving feedback on. 


You can do so by clicking on the Gear icon on the top right of the viewing room. 



2. Here we have a number of settings that will change some interactions on how you may like to use the viewing room. 


1. View - You can choose either Vertical or Horizontal View. 



2. Enable Pause While Typing 

   This option allows for you to automatically pause the video you are providing feedback on as soon as you begin typing. We've enabled this on default. 

3. Enable Autopause On Quick Comment 

   This works with our Quick Comment functionality. After you have set a quick comment  every time you hit that hotkey the video will pause. We've disabled this on default. 

4. Enable Autopause on Voice Comment 

  When you leave a Voice Comment the video will pause giving you time to leave a comprehensive note. When has this option disabled by default. 

5. Stream Comments based on Timecode 

 This option will show comments as they correspond to the time code. We have the comments shown in real time. Thus this comes disabled by default. 

6. Automatically Expand Comment Threads 

 After several stakeholders have left messages, some comments may now be hooked together on a thread. This option allows these comment threads to be split open and they scroll to them. We have this feature enabled on default. 

7. Reverse Comment Order 

 If this option is enabled, the comments will load in reverse order. Instead of loading from the top of the screen, they will load from the bottom.

8. Automatically Playback Voice Notes. 

 If this option is enabled, voice comments that users have left will automatically play back as the video plays.

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