Entering a Viewing Room

  1. Open your viewing room from your project dashboard by clicking the Play button or paste the Remark link into your browser.

  2. When you first open a Remark link, you should see a loading screen while the viewing room loads.

    If the loading icon is stuck, that typically means we aren't able to load the video. This can occur with Vimeo videos when they are private, Dropbox videos when they are not ready for previewing, or any other video host with authentication requirements.

  3. Once the viewing room is finished loading, you can enter the viewing room. To enter any viewing room, you must identify yourself so other stakeholders know who to contact and for reply notifications to work.

    If you have a Remark account, we recommend that you log in every time - this will allow your collaborators and peers to identify that you are the individual actively commenting on the video, and you will also have a transcript of your interactions.

Guests Entering a Viewing Room

For those users, who are not logged in, a dialog box will pop asking you to identify yourself before entering the viewing room. In this case, you identify yourself with your email address and click “Enter as Guest”.

You can adjust your settings at the project-level view or viewing room-level for users to identify themselves by name only.

Remark Account User Entering a Viewing Room without Logging In 

If you enter an email address that has an account with Remark, then Remark will ask you to login before entering the viewing room.

Entering a Private Viewing Room

If the viewing room is private, then users will have to log-in first.

Entering a Password Protected Viewing Room

If a password is setup for the viewing room, then Remark will request you to submit the password before entering the viewing room.


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