Local Videos

Remark has the ability to play videos located on your local computer/hard drive.

This is primarily used for very large video files that would otherwise take a significant amount of time to upload and for stakeholders to stream - although we try to move away from shipping drives, sometimes it is simply quicker. A secondary use is when your team is on the same local network and require extreme security where videos are not allowed to be uploaded to an outside cloud/network.

How to create a blank viewing room that can use local video files
1. Click the +Add button within a project
2. Choose the Browse for local media option
3. Navigate to and select your video located on your local hard drive or network
4. (Optional) Add some instructions for others on how to navigate to the same video file
5. (Optional) Add a title and/or description
6. Hit the Add button

How to use local videos as a source in the viewing room
1. After loading the welcome screen, click the Browse for local video button
2. Navigate to the local or networked video file, select it, and hit the Open button
3. Enter the viewing room

You and your stakeholders can use the viewing room just like with streaming video.



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