Wiredrive used to be the industry standard for sharing and viewing videos on multiple devices. They are still used by many post houses, studios, and agencies surprisingly as a sales tool. 

We tried to work directly with Wiredrive as a partner to hook into their "upcoming" API but it seems like the API has been in the works for quite some time now.

Instead of waiting around, we built integration for their embed code instead of just the video link. If for some reason you are still using Wiredrive, here are the instructions on how to use the videos you have there in Remark.

How to create a viewing room with a Wiredrive video:
1. Copy your Wiredrive video embed code
2. Click the +Add button in a project
3. Paste the entire embed code that you copied from Wiredrive into the box that says "Paste your URL"
4. (Optional) Add a title and/or description
5. Finish by clicking the Add button

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