Drive by Google

Google has been pushing the lower limits of how cheap a great storage solution can go. For personal Google accounts or Google Apps users, Drive's video solution leverages YouTube's player and super fast transcoding.

For whenever you want to add a Google Drive video to Remark to augment the experience with powerful timestamped notes and more, follow these instructions:


How to add a Google Drive video to Remark

1. Click the +Add button within the project you want to add the video to
2. Click the Drive link (You will be redirected to Google's login and authentication form)
3. Accept Remark's authentication request (You will be redirected back to Remark)
4. Navigate to and select the video within the filepicker
5. Finish by clicking the Add button
(Optional) Override the video title by adding text in the "title" form
(Optional) Add a description to provide more context to your video

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