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All viewing room links are unique and undiscoverable.

There are two different levels of security for viewing rooms. Sometimes you have to trade off ease-of-use with security. With Remark, we tried to make even the most secure viewing rooms easy to enter.

Unlocked viewing rooms have shareable links that can be forwarded and sent to anyone and whoever has that link can access the viewing room. They will have to identify themselves with an email or their name (based on your viewing room settings) but there is no check to see if they are allowed to enter or not.

Locked viewing rooms links are shareable but can only be accessed by logged in users who are explicitly added to the viewing room with a permission as a guest, editor, or manager. If someone happens to get a locked link but isn't added to the viewing room, they will be presented with a message that states that they don't have access to the viewing room.

To toggle in-between the two types of viewing rooms, you must have a Plus level account or higher project owner. Editors and managers will be able to change the viewing room type.


How to change locked/unlocked settings in Remark

1. Click the Invite button on the corresponding viewing room

2. Move the toggle from the Unlocked to the Locked position and vice versa.

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