Adding a Video

  1. Click on the “Click here to add video or folder” button or “Add” button in the project-level view menu.

    Once you click the button, a dialog box will pop-up where you can create your viewing room. Below is a breakdown of the dialog box

  2. As an example, we’re going to use a vimeo link to create the viewing room. However, additional other video hosts, such as YouTube, Vimeo, S3, etc. can be used.

    To get started, copy a link of a Vimeo video and paste into the dialog box. This method will allow you to add one video to your project.

    If you would like to add multiple videos to your project, then click one of the hosting provider icons that you use. From there, you will authenticate your account with Remark and a dialog box will pop-up asking you to select the videos you wish to add.

  3. Once you click "Add", Remark will automatically grab the title from your video if the metadata is available. We can also force a new optional title and description. Within the dialog box, click Advanced to add a new title and description for the viewing room.

  4. Click the Add button to finish and you will now see the viewing room added to your project dashboard.

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